Our Strategic Vision

The public sector plays a vital role in the transformation of society in South Africa. The process, initiated in the early 1990’s, of revitalising and renewing the public sector while at the same time providing opportunities for redress, remains incomplete. This process of change is taking place in increasingly challenging conditions. Limited financial resources and competition […]

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Engaging with Public Sector Partners

We view the public organisations we work with as partners. Although the depth of each partnership varies, the process of engaging with public sector partners involves consultation, co-creation and change management. Our consultation process consists of a structured situational analysis that seeks to frame a shared understanding of the scope, scale and complexity of the […]

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Competition Commission

Strategy Formulation and Implementation / Organisation Design and Process Optimisation / Monitoring and Evaluation

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New Universities Project

Provide technical support for the stakeholder consultation process for the establishment of the first two new universities being established in democratic South Africa.

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Elma Philanthropies

Facilitated the formulation of a strategy and implementation plan for the National School of the Arts (NSA).

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